Monday, October 20, 2008

There's nothing like a little last minute painting...

When we moved into our house back in 2006, we discovered in the master bedroom that the previous owner had removed the wall sconces from the wall. Not really a big deal since we weren't going to put the bed where she had it and so there being sconces randomly on a wall would have looked weird. A big deal was that fact that when they painted the room they didn't bother to take the wall sconces down and so I had two perfect squares of white in an other wise bluish-grey room. It looked odd. And there were four big holes in each square where they took the screws and the drywall anchors out and didn't bother to patch it back up. I mean, who does that?!? Leave the anchors in cause you're just going to cause a huge whole in my wall! Tonight, I decided that I had enough. Friends of Kevin's from the UK are coming on Wednesday and I can't deal with one more person walking into my house and seeing those ugly white squares with their huge holes in them. I know, I know, it's just two people and I should have been way more concerned when I had a bus load of people in my house during the wedding, but for some reason it bugged me for this visit.  So this past weekend while Kevin was away caving I went to Lowe's.

Now Kevin and I had already agreed to paint the bedroom.  In fact, we agreed to paint the room a while ago.  Back in March when we got our new bedroom furniture. However through procrastination (which both of us are notorious for) we ended up not getting the bedroom painted before the furniture got delivered in May, or over the summer, or during our various long weekends.  So here it is October and nothing has changed.  The closest we got was going to Lowe's and picking up several samples of blue.  Now I like blue, but I don't like baby blues or soft blues.  I want the color to be rich and vibrant.  Kevin however doesn't like dark blues because he thinks it makes the room look darker and darker = bad in Kevin's book. So I knew after painting the samples that it wasn't going to blue.  Well, I decided on yellow.  Not bright yellow! More like a camel - buttercream yellow.  It's very nice and I've decided to do a feature wall behind the headboard.  Tonight when I got home, instead of helping Kevin get the house ready by cleaning, I locked myself in our bedroom and cleaned, patched up and painted the "sconce" wall.  And then I couldn't just leave the "samples" wall with patches of blue so I painted that wall as well. It was already getting pretty late when I finished with those two walls so I decided it would do.  I know I'm not going to be able to paint tomorrow night because Kevin would kill me if I don't help with any of the cleaning.  Hopefully this weekend (once our guests leave) I'll be able to finish up.