Friday, May 8, 2009

It is Cycle #8's turn

That's right, today is CD1. It was kind of a shock, but not really. I'm finding that the more cycles I have, the better I am at spotting when AF is going to come. Sounds funning coming from a 31-year-old, doesn't it?
Last week I prepared my RE for the fact that I was going out of town this weekend and this was going to be the weekend that AF would come if I wasn't KU. So when I called them, they were totally good with me coming in today. It was funny because when the doctor confirmed that AF was visiting, his answer was "That sucks." Ha!
So plan for next cycle: I'm gonna start the injections on Monday. He said I could do Sunday, but I don't want to have to get my dad to do it. That's just wrong. So we're starting HMG on CD4. Because last cycle's results weren't so hot, Dr. G wants to do 300ius for two days and then 225ius for two more days. Last cycle was 150ius so this is quite a jump!
Also, we're going to use another 5,000ius of HCG as LP support. If I ovulated on Friday, then that means that I have a 13 day LP. Which is good, because it's the longest one I've had, but Dr. G would still like it to be 14 days. If I ovulated on Tuesday then my LP was 9 days. Which is average for me and a worse situation.
I had a friend from my CISG tell me about this vitamin called Op.tivite that is suppose to be awesome at extending your LP. I'm currently in the middle of my Who.le Foo.ds PN vitamins but as soon as I'm done with them, I'm switching! I'll try anything! Yes, I've even got a box of flax seed at home. I've not used it yet, but it might become a staple in my diet.
Tomorrow I leave for Florida for Chicken's shower! I'm so excited, but not really excited about all the things I have to do before the shower.


Amanda said...

Yay Flax! But I will warn you that it's isn't the tastiest stuff in the world.

Are you going to temp this cycle? The best way to know for sure that you O'd is a u/s, but if you are paying out of pocket I can understand why you wouldn't want to add that expense. I bet you O'd earlier and just had a mighty fall back on your chart. Hopefully you'll get pregnant this cycle and LP length won't matter much then.

Has your dr discussed a FSH only protocol instead of HMG? I know a lot of REs prefer a FSH only protocol for their PCOS gals. As you know, I am suspicious that LH is what is sabotaging me right now, so I would not be happy with an HMG protocol myself.