Friday, May 29, 2009

My baby is 9!

I'll try to make this fast as I only have 20 minutes left of my lunch break.

Two and a half weeks ago, on May 12th, we celebrated Dave's 9th b-day! Usually Kevin and I split celebration/gift duties, I get stuff for Les and he does the same for Dave. However, I think Dave got the shorter end of the stick because usually Kevin doesn't do much, if he remembers. Anyways, this year I wasn't able to do anything "just-in-case" because I had been in Florida the weekend prior and I was at work/BSC the day of. But when I got home from BSC, there was a surprise for Dave and me.
While I was out Kevin got Dave a cake from 3 Dog Bakery!! He remembered and drove across town while I was at my BSC to pick it up. Below is Dave's 9th birthday photo with her cake. All I can say is all those agility and obedience lessons paid off! Only once did it look like she was going to break her "wait" and try to gobble down her whole cake.
Finally she gets to have her cake!
Of course she shared with Les (maybe not willingly).
Finishing up! All in all, I think a nice birthday treat!


AKatC518 said...

what cuties! Happy Birthday to the pup!

Becky said...

I love it!! I wish i lived near a dog bakery. I have a few recipes and i usualy make my dogs cakes too. This year i found an instant on you make in the mircrowave at walmart, but their all gone. My little girl Molli's b-day is July 1st so i better start on her cake idea soon!

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Lucy said...

Tag! I left something for you on my blog today.