Thursday, May 28, 2009

Technically 1 Year

A year ago today Kevin and I finally agreed to start TTC. Before our wedding, I tried to convince him that we should start trying right away (my kids and marriage rule) but he said he wanted time to adjust to being married. I was confused by his hesitation as we had already been living together for a year. More if you count that I was always over at his apartment when we lived in Ohio even though I technically lived with my Tia and Uncle. But I agreed. Then in March, I realized that if I got pregnant right away (ha!) that I would be due around Christmas 2008. Five days before that would be Mum's 60th birthday and also 2008 was a England Christmas year. So I pushed it back two months to May. Well May finally arrived and Kevin was still hesitant to start TTC. We talked about it a few times. My main argument was our advancing years and that I wanted at least 3 kids. My plan was that I would have kid #1 by 31, kid #2 by 34 and kid #3 by 36. I wanted to keep the babies on this side of my 30s rather the late 30s. Kevin's main argument was that I should lose weight before getting pregnant. He had all sorts of articles and research on the health of babies born to mothers who were overweight/obese. So for most of May we disagreed.
Then for Memorial Day we went to visit my parents. While there we had a big cook out with a bunch of my high school/college friends. One of the couples had two kids, about 4 and 5. I think watching those kids interact with me, my parents, and their parents is what made Kevin change his mind. Suddenly he was all for starting right away. Finally!
And now it's a year later and we are still TTC. Of course between January and August, I'd only had 1 visit from AF that Provera had brought on. I probably never ovulated during those months, so can I say it's been a year if getting KU wasn't even a possibility?
In August, it'll be one year since I took my first Clomid pill to help TTC, so maybe that will be when I feel it's really official.


AKatC518 said...

I didn't want to be a lurker with no comment so consider this my intro. :) I found your blog through a blog search of ttc and pcos. I hope you don't mind. :) My name's Ashley and I'm kinda in the same boat. ::waves::

Karine said...

I found you through Ashley's blog, my blog itself isn't TTC related (more digi scrap) though it does mention stuff in my life as well. We will have been TTC #3 a year in July. 2 m/c, no AF until Sept. (after the birth of our second in Feb.08), a recent D & C to remove a mass in my uterus and an infection that causes infertility. Hopefully we will all be having healthy 2010 babies!