Monday, October 5, 2009

The Family's Back Together

We're all home from our vacation, safe and sound. Although Les seriously tried to make that untrue. But more on that later.
Kev and I have been back for almost a week. I am planning on updating my vacation posts with pictures and more text, hopefully this week. In the 13 days that we were on our vacation, we took 975 photos and 4 hours of video. We didn't take any photos/videos on 2 of those days (2nd day at sea and while we were in Athens). We took only 1 photo on our first day at sea, so taking the remaining days and the number of photos - we took 97.5 photos per day! In Egypt alone we took almost 300 though! So obviously, I'll have a few pictures to post.
Saturday after the girl's game (which we lost 4-1, bummer!) we headed down to Savannah to meet myParents. Oh, and Dave and Les! They got there about 20 minutes before we did. After checking in and as we were driving to the room, we actually saw myDad walking Dave and Les and so we stopped and just watched. Then we went into our room (we were right next door) and I called myDad and told him we were hiding so to bring the dogs over. Kevin hid in the closet and I hid in the shower. They found me first and of course got excited so they they started roughhousing. I kept trying to get them to look for Kevin but they were too distracted. Kevin starting inching his way out of the closet and finally Les saw him when he was already half out! I felt bad for Kev but I'm sure he understood. After catching up for a bit, we drove around Savannah determined to find a dog-friendly place to eat, but with traffic/parking/the crowd, we gave up and picked up pizza and ate it back in the room.
The next morning Kevin was downstairs loading the car when I suddenly need to ask him something so I opened the door. As I was walking out, myDad asked me a question and I turned around and came back into the room. I thought I had closed the door and as I was walking over to myDad, myMom shouted and I turned around to see Les sliding out the gap. I "walked" after her down the corridor as I didn't want to run, thus turning it into a game. I tried calling her name, saying "Come!" and "Touch!" but she just kept going. At the end of the corridor she could have turned right and circled around the second floor or turned left and gone down the stairs. She turned left. I panicked at this point because we were right next to a divided semi-major road and she was headed straight for it. So I started to run. And she did. Right across the street and onto the path of an oncoming Jeep. All I could do was just stand there and watch. She made it most of the way and at the very last second got hit by the car. She cried out, but didn't fall, just sort of spun. I crossed the street, but she ran away again and into the parking lot of the building next door to the hotel. Then she just stopped and I was able to catch up to her. I checked her out and felt all over but she didn't cry out. Kevin caught up to us by this point and carried her back to the room. myDad checked her again but nothing seemed to be wrong.
We spent the morning/afternoon walking along the riverfront and around Savannah and she never slowed down or limped. I figured if she was injured, after the initial adrenaline wore off she would start to feel the pain, but so far nothing. We're keeping watch for signs of internal bleeding (watching the color of the gums and eyelids) but hopefully she'll be okay.
We got home around 10:30 last night and after unloading went about like normal. So did the dogs! It was like they never left!


Amanda said...

Whoa Les! Way to scare the crap out of people. Glad to hear that she seems to be alright, but I just couldn't imagine what it must have been like to see her run into traffic.

Some pictures of the trip would be great, I mean since you all took a few ;)

Beth said...

Oh! You must have been terrified! I can't even imagine. Glad you're all home safe & sound. Looking forward to the pictures!

A said...

Wow- SCARY!! I would have been freaking out!!! So glad you're home safe where they know what's going on!!