Monday, October 19, 2009

Nausea can be a good thing

Even if it's slight. Because then there is something that means that I could still be pregnant. Late last week I had actually gotten better. On the way home from practice last Wednesday I told myself that my choices were simple. I could live in fear, mistrusting what my body and tests were telling me. Not believing that God would bless us with a pregnancy. Or I could take joy and comfort in what we have been given. Even if only given it for a short time, I could love GV and cherish her/him for as long as God has given her/him to us. So things got better.
And then Sunday all my pregnancy symptoms disappeared. No excessive peeing, no more sore boops, not even the twinges/cramping I'd had up until that point. My mind immediately turned to thoughts of a blighted ovum. Apparently they can cause early pregnancy symptoms and then all your symptoms just "disappear" because there's no embryo to continue them. And then last night I didn't wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee. A first since finding out I was pregnant.
So this morning has been all a panic. I considered calling Dr. Grrr and demanding an u/s or beta test. I was tempted to run by the dollar store or wa.lgreens to get an HPT. I was trying to figure out how to finagle my work schedule when suddenly I realized I was feeling a bit nauseous. Not to the point that I was going to get rid of my breakfast, but enough that my heart stopped racing and I could take a big breath. I've only felt nausea twice before...Thursday morning at work and Friday evening after dinner. I can't wait to ask my mom if she ever had morning sickness.
Kevin has come up with how to tell our parents we're pregnant. They all involve waiting till after next week's u/s. I've also convinced him that he needs to call SIL to give her the good news, not do it in a message, through Mum or an email. I'm also keeping this off faceb.ook, but my reasons are a whole 'nother post entirely.
A - sorry to cause distress with my adding and removing of PG tickers. I just can't find one I like yet and so I keep taking them off. I am still looking though, but I've put one up in the mean time.


A said...

:-D Thanks!!! Hahahaha :) I say put them all up there!!! I have definitely been praying for health for you and your little one!!

Beth said...

Keepin' you in my prayers. :) Lips still sealed.

Hillary said...

I love your perspective about the gift of your pregnancy! But can of course also understand the freak out about the symptoms....glad you got some nausea to help reassure you :)