Monday, February 22, 2010

24 Weeks

So somehow my 23 Weeks post ended up not publishing and getting stuck on Save mode. So I've published it now. Check it out here!

How far along: 24 Weeks 1 Day
Total weight gain/loss: +9 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Black pants are still horrible. Also the weather is getting really nice so I might be able to skip getting a jacket and sweaters so that will be good.
Sleep: Had another "woke up in the middle of the night on the tummy" episode. It's so frustrating!
Food cravings/aversions: Nothing different.
Gender: Boy!! Over the weekend Kevin said that we could use the name I really like. The only problem is that I don't want to combine the one name we agreed on last week and this name. I want both of them to be the first name! So I think I might have to give up on the name I like. Maybe for the next boy. Ha! Ha!
Movement: It's been slowing down a bit which has got me really nervous. However a couple of mornings ago I noticed GV was hitting me in the same area so I grabbed Kevin's hand and waited. GV punched/kicked and Kevin felt it! He said that it felt like a muscle spasm.
Best moment this week: Kevin getting excited about buying GV clothes. He doesn't even get this excited about shopping for kitchen gadgets or work shirts.
What I miss: Nothing.
I am looking forward to: Kevin being able to feel GV move again. We haven't been able to repeat it since that morning.
Weekly Wisdom I was kinda annoyed that Kevin didn't seem more in awe of feeling GV for the first time. However since then first thing in the morning he reaches over to see if GV will kick his hand again. I guess I should remember that I shouldn't underestimate how excited he really is.
Milestones: 24 Weeks! According to the books, GV has a 50/50 chance of living if he's born anytime after this. Of course I'd like for him to wait till he's full term, but still.


Andrea said...

At 24-25 weeks Evan's movements slowed down too! It freaked me out. If I can remember right, it started more often after a few days. Then again at around 28 weeks I got worried because it slowed down for a couple of days.