Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Still a boy!

This morning's appt went well.  I've noticed that after I eat a yogurt, GV gets really active so this morning I ate a yogurt right before driving to the OB's office. While we were waiting, I told Kevin. He just rolled his eyes at me. Then the u/s tech came in and after getting a good look at his heart and finishing off the measurements they didn't get last time she just looked at different angles of him. She confirmed that he is still a boy. This time I could feel him moving and she even commented that he was an active little boy. We got a few more shots. I'm sad that this is the last we'll see him until he's born.

Here's a good profile view of him:

His face (looking at you).
Another profile.

Kevin and I have been going through our calendars because it's time to start signing up for classes! We're taking a Baby Basics and Labor Basics class. Kev's taking a Boot Camp for New Dads class and I'm taking a Breastfeeding class. Then we'll have to tour the hospital...lots of stuff to schedule!

Oh, I told the DOC at my soccer club that I was expecting. I think he was a bit shocked but he recovered quickly and said congratulations. They've had a few other women coaches get pregnant during the season and he said each one has handled it a different way. I told him that I wanted to keep going as long as possible but that I did realize that soon I might not physically be able to keep up with the girls. Luckily I have an asst coach already who will be able to get more involved this season. As for next fall, well, we'll figure that out sometime over the summer.


A said...

Love the pictures :)

Andrea said...

So cute!! I love ultrasound profile pictures. Babies have such cute little heads. :-)

I recommend taking your husband with you to the breastfeeding class. If it's anything like mine, all of the other women will have their husbands with them, plus it will be good for him to hear all of that stuff. Matt helped me out so much the first month of breastfeeding and I know the class helped motivate him to do that. Our class motto was - "it takes 4 hands to breastfeed."

I'm so excited for you!! I know you will love having a little boy! Are you going to share the name you pick out?

Priscilla said...

Really great u/s pictures!!! Aren't they just amazing!?!?!

I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award!! (You can check it out on my blog if you are interested!)

So happy for you, Kevin and your little boy!!!! :)

Beth said...

What a handsome little man you have there! :)