Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Pancake Tuesday!

Last night was our Baby Basic I class. There were more people attending than I thought would be. As an intro, we went around the room saying our names, our due date, OB and other stuff. Since we were told to take the class at 20 weeks I figured everyone might be due earlier than us. Was I wrong! Most of the couples were due in March or April! There were only three that were due in June. One at the end of June, us and then the last couple having a boy due the same day as us. That was pretty cool.

This session was two hours long. The first hour was all about breastfeeding vs. bottle. There were pretty good arguments for and against both. I even learned quite a few things. They also went over proper positioning for feeding and burping. And touched on introducting solids and new foods. Next week is the second class. A pediatrician is coming in to talk to the group. I'm glad we took the class. Kevin even wondered if there is something similar for adoptive parents. We would have been lost if not!

A good thing about the class is that Kevin and I talked about if we wanted to breastfeed or do formula. He and his sister were breastfed and cloth diapered. Mum has been very odd whenever we mention formula or disposable diapers or anything that wasn't how she did it. So I figured Kevin would be totally gung ho about breastfeeding. But it turns out that he's not. He wants to do a combination (that would be mainly breastfeeding) that would allow him to feed GV occasionally and give me breaks. Sounds like a plan to me. Also because of Chicken's wedding we would need to figure something out for that evening. Next is the diapers dicussion.

Even though I knew Lent was coming up, I completely forgot about Pancake Tuesday. Ever since Kevin came here we've been celebrating it. Luckily we remembered before we left for our agility class so we were able to get the pancake batter done. Part of the fun of making the pancakes and trying to flip them in the pan. I don't always make it, but I'll get another try tonight!


Priscilla said...

I'm glad to hear that you found your first class to be interesting and informative. My DH and I are looking forward to taking classes too in a couple months.

Amanda said...

I would LOVE to take a break and just give him a bottle, but I'm worried that with the whole supply/demand issues with BFing that it could cause supply issues if we did it on any kind of regular basis. Pumping is an option, but I don't have the time. Even though it's hard work, I totally love being a baby hog.

The cloth diapering thing really hasn't been that hard, and I truly believe that they are better at keeping the poo contained than disposables. Our only accidents have been in dispossables. The other day, he gave the most massive baby poo I could have imagined, and his prefold held it ALL in, a disposable never could have handled all of that.

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, remembered the other reason we don't supplement with formula, if you exclusively breast feed then you don't have to rinse the poo out before washing.