Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Basics II

Last night was our Baby Basic II class. This one didn't seem as full but the sign up sheet had everyone checked off so maybe it's because we showed up a little early instead of right on time. The pediatrician was there and she spoke for about an hour. Kevin was totally shocked that people here go to see their pediatricians every year until they're 18 or 21! He claims that after he got past the age of three, he only went to the doctor when he was sick. I reminded him that the health care system over there doesn't really work like ours does. Also we take our dogs to the vet every year for a wellness check, why wouldn't we take our kid?

Anyways she was nice. Our class is a quiet class for being so big so we didn't really have that many questions. Some guy did ask about the MMR/autism link and she said flat out that the original report was severly flawed and that it's never been proven since then. She did talk about Thimerosal in vaccines and said some practices (like hers) only stocked Thimerosal-free vaccines and that we should deffo ask pediatricians about it if it's an important issue for us.

The next hour was the same nurse from last week. She showed some slides of babies and common non-emergency issues that can arise after birth. Then she talked about circumcision. Kevin is adamantly opposed to it so he was fidgeting the whole time. In fact most of the guys looked uncomfortable. Then was baths and that was it!

When we showed up to the class, there were handouts on diapering options and I was hoping that she would go over it some but she didn't even mention it once! Oh well. Oooh, she did say that peoples clothes are positively teeming with bacteria which is why you should always wash your kid's clothes seperately and when people come to visit should lay a receiving blanket between their clothes and the baby. She said you can use the excuse that you don't want that person's clothes to get ruined if the baby spits up and that most people are thankful rather than offended that you want to cover them up. I never realized that's what parents were doing!


Andrea said...

Whoa, I had no clue that clothes could carry bacteria and that you should wash baby's clothes separately. Doesn't the bacteria die when you wash clothes? So it should be okay to wash them together?? Scary that I didn't know any of this!!

Oh yeah, I never went in for annual checkups as a kid. My mom only took us to the doctor when we were sick. It had nothing to do with money, my parents had a great insurance plan. But my mom is just weird that way. When I was old enough I would ask her to take me to the doctor when I felt bad and I started making my own appointments after I could drive. I didn't know that it was normal to go in for annual checkups until I got pregnant and started researching pediatricians. Then I found out it's common to take your kids in regularly for well visits!!

We had Evan circumcised (Matt made the final decision), but Matt was still so uncomfortable talking about it! He just said yes that's what he wanted and wouldn't discuss the pros or cons with me! lol Men are weird.

A said...

I never knew that about bacteria/clothes, either! Learn something new every day :)

Is anyone throwing you a shower?

~Jess said...

Didn't know that about bacteria...of course it makes complete sense. I would think just washing them in hot/warm water is fine though. I guess I'm of the mind-set that I can only get so crazy.

I'm glad you're doing well :-)