Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Friday Surprises

Wow! What a weekend! There's quite a lot to document so I'm breaking this post up by days.


Because of AirT.ran's stupid luggage fees, myMom and I decided that I would come down with only a carry-on and then they would lend us a suitcase to take all the baby stuff back with me. So I packed Friday morning and Kevin took me to the airport. I was one of the last ones to board and so when I got on the plane the flight attendant told me I would have to gate check my bag because there was no more room in the overhead bins. I said okay and after I made it to my seat realized that I had forgotten to take out my snacks. I was getting kind of hungry so when the FA came through with the drink cart I asked for several of the biscuits they handed out. We landed in Atlanta and I stood waiting for my bag back. Someone came in with a stroller (not me yet!) but no bags were being brought. So I asked the FA and he said that my bag was checked through all the way to Florida! My lunch was in there! I tried asking at the counter but the lady said that since it was only an hour to my next flight she doubted my bag would make it back to me in time. So I had to spend $9 on a sub, fries and lemonade. What a rip off! But both my flights ran on time and they had a promo for free inflight WiFi so that was good I guess.

myDad and Wiki picked me up and they were hungry (it was around 3:00 when we got to our side of town) so we went to eat. I wasn't hungry yet so I had a cookie. Then we went to because Wiki and I needed Chicken's bridal shower gift. They didn't have anything! myDad had to go to his favorite stores, Starb.ucks and the Appl.e Store. Then we hit because that's the other place Chicken had registered with. I couldn't see anything I liked there either so that was annoying. Wiki bought Chicken some wine glasses.

After Target we drove home. As I walked in the door, there were all these people standing in the office and when I looked towards the kitchen there were more people! myMom and Wiki had thrown me a surprise baby shower! I was deffo surprised, I had no idea. Of course I looked like a scrub after traveling all day, partly because I knew I was traveling and had no plans for Friday night so I made no effort Friday morning. Wiki had made me a t-shirt that said "Somebody's kicking me" and then had two footprints over the belly so I changed into that.

I tried to straighten my hair a bit but with putting it into a ponytail/bun thingy in the morning while it was still wet and then dealing with Florida humidity I had to give up after a few minutes.

We played a few games: baby bingo, word scramble and word search, TP diapers and this drinking from a bottle game. BTW, if you do this one don't fill up the bottles like myMom did. Only put a little amount. This game is harder than it looks.
Then it was on to the presents. Thanks partly to Wiki and myMom there were quite a few ones! Apparently Kevin was in on it and so we video chatted him in during the gift unwrapping. I think we're all set for clothes!

Also Wiki made me an awesome cake topper - a little mini-me!

We had cupcakes instead of a normal cake.

The party wrapped up after that. After everyone left, we watched a bit of TV and talked. I had told them what name we had picked when I first got home (while trying to make myself presentable) and then swore them to secrecy. I didn't get to bed till about 11:30 which is a rarity for me these days. But I had a jam packed Saturday ahead of me!


Leah said...

How wonderful to have a surprise shower. :-D

Priscilla said...

Too cool!!!!! :)

Life Happens said...

Looks like you had an awesome shower! Love the cake topper. Very cute mini-you.