Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Amazing Race: Finally!

So I am a HUGE fan of the show Amazing Race. I have been since the 2nd one (I lived in England for the first one so I missed it). I fall in love with each series and usually form strong opinions about the people on it. This series though, there are two divorced women racing and while usually I pull for the all girl teams (Go Dustin & Candace!), this season I just can't stand these two. I watched the latest episode last night and I was soooooo happy when they were eliminated. Now I'm a Texan originally, so I wanted to like them, but I just found them to be catty, rude and annoying. Also they misinterpreted something about the clue in almost every episode so I was usually dumbfounded how they got through. I kept hoping that their mistake would cause them to be eliminated and usually they managed to fix it in time. But last night they made two mistakes in both the Roadblock and Detour and it finally caught up to them.

So far my favorites are Toni & Dallas.


Andrea said...

I've heard about this show but have never watched it. It sounds cool though! And it's also cool that you lived in England!!