Thursday, November 27, 2008

In Sunny Florida

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Kevin and I are currently in Florida, visiting my parents. We had turkey and ham (cause I don't like turkey), stuffing, gravy, maple carrots, mashed potatoes and cranberry salsa. The salsa that my mom makes is awesome. I'll be sure to post the recipe later. I'm so thankful that Kev and I were able to come down and spend this time with our family (especially after the whole JetBlue fiasco).

Speaking of traveling, I'm kind of excited because Kevin and I might go skiing for New Years! At first we didn't think we'd be able to do anything cause Kevin was going to have to work on New Years Day, but now he's been told that he won't have to. Yay! So now I have to muster up the courage to ask for the day off after I'll have been off the whole week previous. Hmmm.


Amanda said...

I'll be waiting to see that salsa recipe, it sounds good!