Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Proof is in the...

Ultrasound. But I'll get to that later.

Today I had my first appt with the RE (Dr. T). It went well and I'm excited to have a clearer idea of what can happen and what all the options are. A few things stuck out to me as unusual. The first thing, the entire time I was talking to Dr. T, it seemed like he was giving me choices rather than saying "okay, here's the plan of action." He was more like "you could do this" or "others have done this." I'm think the whole time "you're the doctor, tell me what to do!" It was kind of annoying.

Anyways, he "suggested" that I keep going with 100 mg of Clomid but add in an U/S and HCG shot on CD16. I suggested that I move up to 150 mg of Clomid because my b/w last week showed that I didn't O with 100mg. Then I mentioned that FF showed that I O'd on CD27 and showed him my chart. He looked at it but thought it wasn't correct.

Interesting note, Dr. T said that if I did Clomid and I didn't have any follicles on CD16, I could start Clomid again right away. Then he said I could do a U/S right then and if everything looked good I could start Clomid in a couple of days. So I agreed and we did it. Shocker: I DID OVULATE on CD27! He found a cyst (remnant of the follicle) that proves I ovulated about 4 days ago.

Yay! I truly do work! However this means that Dr. T wants me to stay on 100mg for the next cycle.

So all in all an interesting appt.