Monday, November 24, 2008

How I Thought I Was Going to Turn Out, Pt. 2

This is a continuation of this post.

So fast forward 10 years. I was 17, in college and having fun. I had dated throughout high school, even had a couple of boyfriends, but never anything serious. By this time my plans were to get my degree, travel the world, come home to start my own business, buy a big house and start fostering and adopting kids. And then I met Kevin.
Kevin was unlike any other boy I met. He was quiet, intense and was just so interested in me. Kevin and I exchanged emails, letters and phone calls for two years before we were finally able to meet IRL. The summer between my sophomore and junior year Kevin and I planned an exchange trip where I would go to England for a month and Kevin would travel back with me to the US (for a month and a half). Kevin met me at the airport and the first time he smiled at me, I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with this man. Just like that. All my previous ideas and plans were out the window. I knew in that moment that Kevin and I were going to be together until forever. We had plenty of things in the way of our being together, even just the fact that I still had two more years of college to finish, but somehow we always found a way to make it work. We always trusted in each other and were always truthful.
And then I started dreaming a new dream. One where Kevin and I had a family together. Where he was the Dad and I was the Mom. Where I would have his children growing inside of me and we would be complete. Of course this meant that we would have to get married. But first one of us had to give up everything and move to a foreign country. After looking at things rationally, we decided that it made more sense for Kevin to move here. And so began our two year trek to get Kevin a visa to work here in the states. It could have been much easier if we had just gotten married first and then had him move over, but we both wanted to do this the right way. So Kevin finally got a job in the states, although not in Florida, where I lived. So I ended up leaving everything (family, friends and my own business) and starting over in a new place too.
A year later we were engaged and a year after that we were married. And then came time to start TTC. Oh boy. I knew right away that we were probably going to have some issues. I had never been regular in my life. And, unfortunately, I was right.


Andrea said...

What a sweet love story! I know what it is like to give up all previous dreams for one of marriage and having children. It's worth it even though the road to having children is harder than I thought.

Oh yeah, I may have already said this, but I really like your new layout!