Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Blindside From Within

So last night I watched the latest episode of Biggest Loser (yes, I know, I'm addicted to reality tv) and I was sooooooo excited about Amy C's vote for Brady. The people I always feel bad for on shows like this are the ones that think they're on the inside and then they are totally surprised when they find out that they're on the fringe of the group and are the first ones to go.

Like Paula on Road Rules/Real World Challenge: The Island (yes, a third reality tv show I watch). I mean, come on, you're in an alliance with 4 guys and you seriously think you're going to end up on "the" boat? Really? Wow! I like Paula, she's one of my favorite players, but I was always hoping she would wake up and realize she was on the fringe.

I think I pull for these players because I myself have been caught it this predicament. I've been on the inside, secure in my knowledge that everything was good with the people around me. And then one day I wake up and realize that I'm now on the outside looking in. This has happened with friendships, sports teams, and jobs. I hate being this person, yet over and over again, I find myself being this person. Maybe this is why I pull for these people. I want them to realize their status before they get blindsided so that maybe next time I will realize it before I get blindsided.

But this past week I got to see on two different shows what I always hoped I would. First was on Biggest Loser. Amy C had her spot on the blue team. She was good with her other 3 teammates and they were going to pick off the black team one by one. And then Ed came back. At that point the other 3 teammates starting talking about the final four, but now with Ed instead of Amy C. I felt bad for Amy C because she became this fringe person. She thought she was on the inside but clearly was the last one on the totem pole. So imagine my surprise and delight when she decided to vote for Brady. It was the blindside that rocked!

The second one this week was the latest episode of Survivor (okay, a fourth show!) when Susie voted for Marcus. Susie had to know that of the "Kota 6" she was going to be the first out. And when she approached Marcus, he tried to convince her that she would be in the final 3, but really? Here again was someone being convinced they were on the inside when they weren't. And somehow she was able to see the real situation and blindside Marcus. Yes!

Score two for the "fringers!!!"