Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday from TBWE

Finally this week is coming to a close! Today's activity was going to Dr. T to get my CD16 U/S and possible HCG shot. It wasn't Dr. T that did my ultrasound, but the other doctor. That was a bit surprising! Also sometimes I feel like the staff gets into such a routine that they automatically assume that you know what you're doing. Guess what? I don't! I'm not sure if I'm suppose to pee in a cup or not! But anyways, the other Dr didn't seem too impressed with what he saw on the U/S but said I should get the shot anyway. So now we wait for FF to tell me I've ovulated and we wait the 2WW.

Oooh, tonight at the usual time, I took my OPK and it was positive! I'm not sure if it's a side effect of the HCG because of the hormones injected into my body or if it was because the shot did something to me that caused my hormones to cause it to be positive. Yeah, I'm slightly confused too.

I've uploaded my pictures of the OPKs (including today's positive!); I think I'm going to keep taking them even though you're suppose to stop once you get a positive.

Totally unrelated: Kevin and I spent this afternoon raking up all the leaves in the front and back yards and we now have 42 bags of leaves sitting in front of our house! That's right, 42! Sheesh! Plus we still have 2/3 of the back yard to do! Sheesh!


Andrea said...

I hope this cycle is THE ONE for you!

Amanda said...

The HCG will and should turn your OPK positive. Totally a good thing. Have fun doing the wild thing!!!