Thursday, June 4, 2009

Going for a record!

Last night when I got home I was in a weird mood. All day I had been having twinges and even though I'd been to the bathroom numerous times, there was still nothing. Kevin and I talked a bit and one of my last statements was "We should go out for dinner." He vetoed that idea, so we went downstairs and started cooking Rach-aroni-Paella (minus the shrimp cause Kevin doesn't like them). We had just started simmering the rice when all of a sudden the power went out. It flickered back on for a few seconds and then went out again. This was about 7. Outside it had been lightning and thundering, but now the wind was howling and raining and there was even hail! We waited for the power to come back on and nothing. Finally around 8 we gave up and ordered pizza. Thirty-five minutes later we had our pizza. Right as we were sitting down to eat, the power came back on. We just smiled at each other and dug in.

So it seems that I've made it to 12DPO. I'm a little nervous and a little excited. Yesterday's bad habit of going to the bathroom every hour to check has continued. So far so good. I want to be optimistic, but not over do it. Almost like if I wish too much for it, there's no way it will actually happen. Twinges continue today. Kevin talked about testing tomorrow, but I don't know. We have one test left that I could use, so we could. It's just whether I can put myself through that.


Andrea said...

I'm praying this is it for you! Do you normally have twinges? I don't want to get your hopes up, but I had twinges with both my BFPs. Of course, I had twinges one cycle that was a BFN, so I guess that doesn't really mean anything. I could never decide what was worse, testing early and getting a BFN or waiting until 14DPO and getting AF. It's such a hard road, I'm hoping it's almost over for you!

Hillary said...

Wow -- even if you're not pg, isn't it great to have a longer LP?!? Although, of course, I am totally hoping you're pregnant!!

Anonymous said...

I hope this is it for you! Don't fret, because I've heard so many times that early pg symptoms mimic early AF symptoms. Just try to stay calm...yeah, right. :)

~Jess said...

I hope this is it for you too!! As another poster said, that's great that you're having a longer LP.

I'd try and hold out until at least 14 days. I tested at 15 and still got a BFN. GOOD LUCK!