Friday, June 5, 2009

I did it

Tidbits before I leave:

  • I made it to 13DPO. Two weeks ago I was skeptical that this was going to happen. But I made it. This has be the longest, most normal LP I've had. I know with all the other stuff I've been writing about, it may seem that I'm not excited about this LP, but I am! This is another step in the right direction.
  • I went ahead and POAS'd today. It was a BFN. I thought about it a lot yesterday and decided I wanted to do it. Regardless of the results, I wanted to be able to find out with Kevin around and I wanted to find out before my trip. I feel more at peace now that I know. It just felt like this great weight lifted off of me. After we knew the results, Kevin decided that I tested too early and that I should have waited till Monday like he said. What the heck! He never said that! Anyways, today involves fewer trips to check if AF has arrived or not, which is a relief.
  • I have this program on my iphone that allows you to have multiple tickers up and counting. Here's what my screen looks like:

    I'm constantly checking in only to see that lovely 13. Yes, if you could scroll down you'd see all sorts of countdowns and countups. I'm obsessed.
  • Usually as soon as I find out about a pregnancy, I immediately post congrats on my blog because that's one more point for us vs. Infertility. However two pregnancies happened recently that I chose not to mention because both ladies involved were themselves hesitant about celebrating these pregnancies. So I waited. But now they both seem convinced (kinda) so to Amanda at TTC: Impatient with PCOS and Mary at A Hopeful Unicorn a big congrats from me!
  • I got offered a soccer coaching gig at a big club in RVA. This club is the rival to the club I coached at for the first two years I lived here, but I'm not that worried. I'll write a post about how this came about soon but for now, yay me!
  • And last but not least. Thank you all! You've been a great and loving community during this time for me. Reading your comments has been awesome and really helped. Sometimes something would happen that would make me doubt myself/this cycle/TTC and then I'd get the perfect comment that would bolster me through. Thanks!


Hillary said...

Sorry for the BFN :( I was so hopeful for you with the longer LP! ((hugs))

Amanda said...

Sorry about the BFN, but I know that you are looking forward to adoption and I hope that you can make pursue that path without regret and adopt a child that deserves a mom and dad (and dogs) that will make for an awesome family. (Oh, and it's not over yet, so there still some hope, it might be too early).

I'm still pretty hesitant about celebrating, but I know that your congrats are well meant I'm glad to have them.

A said...

Ha! Now I'M back and YOU'RE leaving?! I am sorry to read about the BFN, but I am glad that your LP is looking better and better. So AF still has not arrived, though? Maybe it WAS too early! ;-)

Neat about the coaching job- I guess you're going to take it? How fun! Congrats! Is it a paying coaching job?