Sunday, November 22, 2009

11 weeks

How far along: 11 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +1 lb
Maternity clothes: Normal clothes.
Sleep: Almost back to normal.
Food cravings/aversions: No cravings, just aversions. If Kevin mentions that something tastes off or is slightly weird, then I can't eat it. I can't convince myself to put it in my mouth, no matter what it is.
Gender: Don't know, but I think I'm deffo gonna find out. Kevin still reserves the right to make his mind up at the 20w u/s.
Best moment this week: Kevin telling me about his spreadsheet that tracks countsdown, counts up and tells us the percentage done we are. Even when he gets excited, he does it in his systematic logical way.
What I miss: Being able to eat breakfast like a normal person. It just takes me so loooooong to eat a bowl of cereal.
I am looking forward to: Two day work week this week!
Weekly wisdom: Even if I don't think I need to visit the lady's restroom before I start my commute home, do it! You never know when you're gonna hit traffic and the 35 minute drive turns into over an hour!
Milestones: We finally got a pregnancy book. We went for this one:


Life Happens said...

My (new) insurance company sent me the same book when I was pregnant the second time. Unfortunately, I didn't get very far in the book.

I hope it's helpful for you!