Monday, November 2, 2009

myParents know

We told them on Friday. myMom was super excited, asked me if I'd told Wiki, Chicken, anyone yet. I told her no. Asked if she could tell her work friends, I told her no. That she had to wait till after my b-day. She pretended like I was killing her in making her wait to tell everyone. So we told them to at least wait till we told Wiki, SIL, but most importantly Mum & Dad. She "agreed." I'm going to assume that she's not going to tell anyone, but myMom is worse at keeping secrets than I am.
myParents have always maintained that I was the easy baby/toddler and Wiki the difficult one and then we switched and I became the difficult child and she the easy child. Apparently this started with pregnancy. When myMom was pregnant with Wiki, she was constantly sick (as in she had to take a bag with her every time she got in the car), felt run down and fatigued and gained a lot of weight (of which she didn't lose all of it). With me, she never had morning sickness, only gained about 10 lbs (she wasn't overweight at that time) and lost it pretty quickly afterwards. I don't know if some of that had to do with having a 3-4 year old (Wiki is 4 years 4 months older) around. But it did make me feel better about the lack of symptoms so far.

So the things I'm struggling most with are drinking water and the constant hunger. First the water. I really really really don't like the taste - or lack of taste - of water. I'd rather drink nearly anything else, even beer. I don't drink a lot of water to begin with, usually opting for iced tea or lemonade. Well since being pregnant, lemonade tastes "off" to me and iced tea is out because of the caffeine and sweet-n-low. I bring a water bottle to work and usually I force myself to drink at least one bottle full, but at the end of the work day my stomach feels awful, full of water and all "sloshy" if that makes any sense. Once I get home, I just never get the urge to drink. Not that I don't get thirsty, I just don't want to drink anything.
Now the constant hunger. Every three hours like clockwork. Sometimes every two hours. Yesterday around noon, I ate a two slices of pizza (leftover from dinner Friday night) for lunch and I was still hungry afterwards. It took like half an hour for my stomach to settle down. And then at 3 pm I was starving! I made Kev buy me a muffin so that I could eat it on the way home from grocery shopping. Of course this started a whole argument with Kevin about how I'm suppose to gain ten lbs during the entire pregnancy not the first month and if I kept eating the way I was I was going to gain too much weight. I wanted to hit him. Really hard. It took everything in me to turn around and not say anything back. I appreciate his concern, but Kevin has a tendency to come across as an a$$ and yesterday was not a good day for him. I'm just tired of being hungry all the time. It's like a constant ache in my stomach that won't go away no matter how much I eat or drink. Like today, I've brought cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes, carrot sticks, celery sticks, cheerios, oatmeal, half a muffin, yogurt, cottage cheese and a banana to work to eat. Those in bold are things I've already eaten and I'm pretty sure it's not going to be enough. I don't know what else to do, I'm at wit's end.


A said...

I have to keep on myself about drinking water, too. Could you try crystal light? I don't think it has caffeine, and I'm pretty sure it is low in sugar...

I hope your hunger settles down soon, and ESPECIALLY that Kev is more, um, careful with his words next time you need a muffin!!! Ha!!!

I have some IUI ?'s today, if you get around to reading my encyclopedia-length post today!! I'm praying for you!

Amanda said...

I don't know how you get by drinking so little water normally! I would shrivel up. Maybe try some of the carbonated flavored waters. And reward yourself once a day with something you enjoy drinking (assuming it's ok to drink). For me it's chocolate milk, but sometimes I get a diet cherry limeade (I swear, the baby likes them).

I definitely would feel hungry a lot early on too. Try to keep with the healthy snacks and hopefully it will calm down. (By the way, if my husband said that to me, I'd be a widow!)

~Jess said...

All I drink is water...gallons of it!

Try adding some carbs to your snacks...especially whole grains...they'll keep you fuller, longer. Saltines were my friend!.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure if you stick to healthy things like you are, you can just follow your body's cravings and you won't gain too much weight. If baby wants cantaloupe, baby gets cantaloupe! :) The only problem is when baby wants bacon sandwiches as happened with an old friend of mine.