Friday, November 13, 2009

The 13th

Our appt was first thing in the morning yesterday so Kevin and I drove separately to the office. Dr. P has moved since I last saw her in Aug 2008 so I wasn't quite sure how to get there so we took off a little early. Ended up showing up for an 8:30 appt at 8:04! Eager beavers, I guess. The new office is very nice and spacious. When we got there the first thing I had to do was check in and reconfirm all my information. We had to fill out a questionnaire that included asking what race we were. As I was going down the list for each race there were additional follow up questions about some medical tendency of that race. When I got down to Hispanic there was nothing! Kevin's had a question about Cystic Fibrosis.
We got sent to the u/s suite first. When they showed us to the room the tech told us that we were going to do a vaginal u/s and asked if I had ever had one before. I just smiled and said yes. So then she tells us that she's going to check first and then she'll let us see. And she was forever! I started to get scared. Kevin was sitting right next to me and he kept craning his neck over to see what she was looking at. Finally he turned to me and whispered that he could see the heartbeat. I was so relieved. A little while later she finally turned the screen and showed us GV. She measured from crown to rump (2.68 cm) and then showed us the heartbeat. We then got to hear it! It was the best sound ever! It measured at 171 bpm. She found another good angle of GV and printed us a picture. GV is measuring 9w4d which is 2 days ahead.
After that we went back to the main waiting room. A little while later, we got called into exam room. The nurse came in and asked us a bunch of questions, measured my height, weight and blood pressure. Then she gave us a bag with some books and prenatal vitamin samplers in it.
Next they ushered us into the NP's office. Who happens to be a midwife too. When she came in, she asked us more questions. She then told us about the different testing they can do to screen for Down's, cystic fibrosis and other stuff. We decided to decline the tests. Even if something was wrong, there's nothing that can be done about it so what's the point of stressing ourselves out about it? Kevin is in the camp that less is more and I didn't really care one way or another so it seemed the best choice for us. She reconfirmed that I was sure of my last cycle start date. She asked if I had normal cycles so then I explained all about how I don't ovulate on my own and that we were seeing an RE. She asked if it was Dr. T and I said no way. I told her that I stopped using met before this cycle and did she think that I should go back on because of my risk of GD. She said nope. I told her that I took baby aspirin. I then had to confess that I took it w/o telling Dr. Grrr. Kevin's always been quite hesitant about me taking it so he asked if it was safe for GV. She said I could take it till week 12 but then I should stop.
After all that we went back into the exam room and I had a normal exam. She then told me that they had a stock of H1N.1 flu shots and highly recommended that I get one. I agreed so we waited a little longer for it to show up. After that I got four vials of blood drawn, set my next appt (Dec 8!) and I was done. Took about a hour and a half.
Our next appt is at 13 weeks. They won't do another u/s until 20 weeks, which is next year! Oh, they moved up GV's EDD. Since she measured 2 days ahead and it coincides with my last cycle start date they are saying the 13th. 7 months from today! Wow!


Amanda said...

Glad to hear the good news! When I would get a u/s and they didn't immediately want to show me they would at least tell me that they saw the heartbeat so that I didn't have to freakout. It would have been nice for her to let you know that, at least Kevin was there and apparently has a good eye.

I felt the same way about the testing, I almost would have like to have done it for another peek at the kid, but I know I don't handle anxiety well. I'd bet that GV is just fine in there!

A said...

Wow, lots of going here and there to different rooms! I am SO excited that everything is looking good! I think I'll decline the testing, too-

Life Happens said...

Sounds like you had a good appointment. I'm glad to hear everything is looking good!