Monday, November 16, 2009


Les is anything but restful during the night. Usually she starts her night on the bed in the guest bedroom. Then sometime before midnight she moves to her actual bed in our bedroom before moving to under the our bed. Then around 3 or 4 am she comes out from under the bed, shakes herself a couple of times, stretches and then jumps on our bed to either sleep between my legs or in the crook of Kevin's bent legs. There she'll stay until morning when Kevin gets up to shower.
Last night however things were different. After we had already settled in we heard a loud BANG from downstairs. After confirming that we both had heard the noise Kevin was elected to go check what it was. He got up and as he was on his way out the bedroom door, Les came running in and immediately went under the bed. Ha! Some watch dog you are! You're suppose to run towards the noise, not hide behind us!
Our laundry soap that normal sits on a shelf above the washing machine fell and hit the washing machine. It was completely random. After we got back in bed, we had a few chuckles at Les' expense.


~Jess said...

Too funny! I'm usually the one who has to go investigate as it would take me forever to get my husband awake.

We tried letting our dogs sleep in our room, but they are just too restless and kept us up.

Becky said...

my dogs are quite the opposite, they hear every noise with in a mile and then freek out, especially at night!

I'm not sure if i congratulated you on your pregnancy or not, but congrats, it's so exciting! Can't wait to find out if your having a boy or a girl, you'll have to tell us! your 25% of the way done, yeah!!!!!

A said...

I seem to have forgotten to comment ;-) That is really funny about your (scaredy cat) dogs! It's hard to say what Banana would have done- she probably woudl have perked her ears up and if nothing more was heard, she'd go back to sleep ;-)