Monday, November 9, 2009

The whole family knows...

Mum & Dad
Thursday around 11:30am or so Kevin calls me and tells me that Mum is going to call me and that I'm suppose to conference him in. Two seconds later Mum calls and I place her on hold and call Kevin at the office. After the 3rd or 4th ring, I realize that he probably wants me to call him on his cell phone so that he's not sitting in his cubicle and telling his parents that they're going to be grandparents. So I hang up on him and then call him back on his cell. Once we're all on the phone, Mum tells Dad to open the envelope (backstory: We made copies of the scan (a nice 5x7 photo) at and then mailed it to our parents. Kevin wrote "Call us before you open this" on the photo mailer in four separate places and then dropped it in a another envelope). So anyways, Dad opens the envelope and for a second thought it was a weather map (WTH??), but when Mum saw it she dropped the phone in her haste to get to the picture. So we spoke to Dad about it first. Mum finally got back on the phone and wanted all the details. So we told her about the drugs and when we decided to test and then the long wait for the scan. She got "upset" with Kevin that she had spoken to him several times since October 9th and he hadn't let anything slip.
She got the envelope around 8am so she had to wait around all day for Dad to get home. She said she figured it was an u/s picture or a picture of the baby we were planning on adopting. After I got off the phone with them she called Kevin again and was asking all sorts of questions. They're not going to try to time their trip with GV's due date. Last minute international tickets are expensive, Mum will still have a month of preschool left and with Kevin and I trying to make it down to Florida two weeks later for Chicken's wedding, it might be too much. So they're going to come in July. For a month! Wow! I'm excited because then it will mean that I'll have lots of help.

Friday I called Wiki on my way home from work and left a message. Finally around 8:30 when she hadn't called I called her again. She was at her BF's house but he was on the phone with his mom so she could chat. We talked about a few things and right when I was getting ready to tell her, her BF got off the phone so she tried to hang up with me! So I told her that I had something to tell her real quick but first she had to promise me that what I was about to tell her would not cause her to spend any money (Wiki loves spending money by buying people unexpected little gifts but seeing as she's been unemployed for the past 9 months I was worried that the temptation would just be too much). Of course this caused her to immediately know what I was talking about and she asked me if I was pregnant. A proper amount of excitement and details followed. She "told" me that she was going to tell the BF and then asked if she could tell his parents too. I said no. Then she said something about how it might slip out at Thanksgiving and I again told her no. I told her that his family is not our family and that there were other people who were much closer to our family that I hadn't told yet and that I wanted them to know before non-family members knew. Of course this led to her wanting to tell her BFF (who I've known since I was 6) and again I had to tell her no. Not that her BFF isn't on the list of early notifications, but not this soon. Hopefully she can keep our secret.

Saturday morning I had a soccer game at 10:30am, which meant that I needed to be out of the house around 9:25am. So I tried to get Kevin to call his sister around 8:30am. Not that I was going to be on the phone with him when he told her but I wanted to be able to eavesdrop and then talk about it with him afterwards. So 8:30 rolls around and Kevin is nursing his bowl of rai.sin b.ran and reading the paper. I ask him to make the call and he gets all upset and says he will AFTER he finishes his breakfast. Seriously? So I sat patiently in the chair staring and sighing at him and finally around 9:00 he makes the phone call. SIL had just gotten back from the gym. They engage in small talk for about 10 minutes and then finally he tells her that come June she's going to be either an aunt or uncle (some weird family joke about the gender of the child). I think I heard her shout something over the phone that might have been congratulations. They talked a bit more and then right around the 20 minute mark they hung up. He claimed the call was long enough. Huh?! I will never get them and their relationship. I then had to scramble to get everything together in five minutes and get out the door.
So I think we're good for now. At least until the next u/s and appt. Which is this Thursday!


Life Happens said...

Love your parents reactions! It's always the best to see how they react to hearing that they are going to be grandparents!

Best of luck as you continue on your journey!

Beth said...

:) It must be so exciting for you to finally have a larger group of people to talk to about your exciting news. Can't wait til everyone is "in the know". :)!

A said...

I'm so excited for you!! I have dreamed a million times of telling our parents :) So glad that you're still doing great- 9 weeks already! It's flying by for me- is it still dragging for you? ;-)