Sunday, March 7, 2010


192 days ago I started provera to end another anovulatory cycle.
180 days ago I started clomid.
149 days ago I found out that clomid worked and we finally had our prayers answered.

The past 149 days have been the slowest of my life! People told me that the first two trimesters would be the quickest. But I'm hoping that it will be the opposite for us. Since we've been waiting on preparing for GV's arrival and now we're in full swing hopefully the next 98 days are going to fly by.

In g(uest) r(oom) progress we took the bed to the dump and Kevin has agreed that he'll paint the room next weekend if I have the room completely packed up and mostly moved into the office. I should be able to do that.


A said...

I hope they go by quickly :) Please post pictures of the nursery when it's done! (Or in progress!) Which bedding did you choose?