Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sleep Woes

Last night I was absolutely miserable. Sleeping has become a chore. I use to be a good sleeper, I've always been a good sleeper. I started sleeping through the night really quickly. myMom was worried about me so one night she stayed up watching me in the room and realized that I was waking up, but then going back to sleep all on my own. As a toddler, I would rearrange my covers and then fall back asleep. When I got to first grade I was absolutely devastated when told there was no nap time. Even the mockery of my classmates didn't stop me from campaigning to have it. I could fall asleep anywhere (and have!) and at any time of day. Sunshine? No problem. Lights on? Pfft! Alarm clock blaring? Annoying "car alarm" in my dream, but nothing to wake up over. I love sleep and sleep loved me.
But it doesn't love me anymore. I wake up so many times during the night. Not to pee, not for leg cramps or heartburn or indigestion, nothing pregnancy related. I wake up and most times it takes me a while to fall back asleep.
My new sleeping position doesn't help. I use to fall asleep on my tummy. If I didn't then during the night I'd move onto my tummy. My next favorite position is my back. The one position I don't like? My side. Sleeping on my side hurts. I wake up with my hips hurting. The hip on the bottom hurts from all the weight pinned on it and the hip on the top hurts from the "awkward" angle my leg is being kept at. My knee on my upper leg hurts because of the same thing. Unless I put a pillow between my legs. Which is another reason I wake up. Not being able to switch from side to side with minimal barely-waking effort. It becomes something I must wake up to do. Also my bottom arm either falls asleep or if I extend it straight out, aches from hanging off the bed.
Also Dave has decided that she's gonna start sleeping on the bed. Which is very different from Les sleeping on the bed. Les is 10lbs lighter and so she is easy to move if she's in an inconvenient spot. Also if you move too much near her she gets up and jumps off the bed. Les wakes up a lot and moves to different spots on the bed so while I might wake up once and she's below my legs, an hour later she might be between Kevin and I. Dave sleeps like her "Mom." Once she falls asleep, she's not moving till morning. If you kick and move your legs she's less likely to move or get off the bed. Since she's heavier, she really weighs down the covers and it can be impossible to adjust them in a sleep induced state.
So what does this all mean? I sleep less and less comfortably. I can't do anything to make sleeping better. And it's likely never going to go back to how it use to be.


Amanda said...

One word: Recliner

It's not the most desirable solution but it does a great job of relieving the pain of side sleeping and will probably help with the indigestion.

Beth said...

Nothing in your life is ever going to be back like it used to be...and once you hold that baby in your arms, you won't want it to be. :)

I always had to take lots of naps when I was pregnant to make up for the lack of sleep at night.

A said...

I'm so sorry about the sleeping issues! I think I will miss my sleep ALOT when I am pregnant, too. Have you thought about a body pillow? I think I have read that those make sleeping on your side more comfy for pregnant moms :)