Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday Confession

Sunday I admitted to Kevin that I hated the wall color I picked out. I'm not sure what happened but when I went paint shopping, I wanted to get a light beige. After 5 minutes or so, I picked it out, bought 2 gallons and then went home. Sunday as soon as Kevin started, I realized that it was not light beige at all. He finished the first coat (it really needs a second coat) around 3 or 4 and was planning on doing the second coat but I asked him if he liked it and he said no. So then I told him I didn't like it either. Tomorrow we're going to go to the store together and pick out another color. We're gonna go with a lighter color than originally because I don't want him to have to prime again. This way if the first coat bleeds it won't be so bad.

Side Note: The color is only a tad darker than the color of our bedroom, which I love, but apparently Kevin doesn't like that one either.

Next weekend is my trip to Florida. The main purpose of the trip is Chicken's bridal shower and bridesmaid dress choosing/fitting. But I also get to see my sister! Last month Wiki and her boyfriend (of 4 years) broke up and Wiki moved back home. The past year has been really rough on her (she got laid off of work in Feb 2009, lost her coaching gig in September and now this) and she's taking some time to regroup. I've dropped hints about her moving here so you never know!

Last night was my first spring soccer practice. I told the parents I was pregnant two weeks ago, but last night I told the girls. Some of them knew already. One girl asked me when in June because she thought maybe GV would be born near her birthday. But since her birthday is the 26th, I hope not! Practice went well and physically I was fine. That was my biggest concern. 

I do need to talk to my "co-coach" though. He helped me with the team last fall because of the cruise and towards the end of the season he started showing up to practice and trying to take over. He was there yesterday and while I understand that he's going to take a bigger role because we don't know when I'm going to stop coaching, I just felt like the whole time he'd rather I was doing something else. He's going to practice tonight and before he left he started talking about how he knew what he wanted to work on. I usually have a practice plan before I show up so it's a bit disconcerting and distracting when he just shows up and wants to start doing things. If I know he's coming or has something in mind then I can have a plan for that.


A said...

I hope the new color is just what you'd imagined! :)

Andrea said...

It's so exciting that you are painting! I hope the new color works out! :-) Evan's room is a light beige too. I like that it's a lighter color than many of our other walls because it makes the room seem bigger and doesn't distract from his bedding and curtain colors.

So sorry to hear about your sister! I hope things go better for her now that she's back home. Wouldn't that be cool if she moved near you!?

~Jess said...

That's the nice thing about paint!

I hope you have a fun time in Florida!