Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Monthly Appt

The OB's office was really busy when I showed up. Usually my appointments are first thing in the morning but this one was at 3:15. They sent me back to the lab to drink the stuff they give you. It tasted like really really really sweet fruit punch. I had to be back by 4:20 in order to draw my blood, but in the mean time I would see Dr. P for my 28w appt.

First I got weighed in. +2 lbs since my last appt, +16 lbs total weight gain. The nurse did the usual and asked the usual questions. Then it was doppler time. I've noticed that I've relaxed a bit about the doppler. I use to get really anxious right before my appts because my fear would be that we would hear nothing. But now I know GV likes to be difficult so it will take a few attempts to find the heartbeat. Maybe it's because I can feel the movement so I know he's okay in there. Anyways, the nurse finally found the heartbeat and after a few seconds there was a loud "whap" and I could feel GV hit the doppler probe. She moved the probe to find it again, did and a few seconds later "whap" again. GV did not like that probe poking him! And she wasn't pressing that hard so he must just be sensitive. Eventually she found a spot that didn't disturb him and we got the measurement. 138bpm. She said as long as it was above 120bpm then everything was fine.

Dr. P came in shortly after that and said everything was going great. My thyroid bloodwork we took at the last appt was normal and my weight gain is "perfect." She measured my uterus and it's measuring large. She said at my next appt, she would measure it again and if it's still large then we'd do an u/s to figure out what's up. She said she wasn't that worried because my weight gain doesn't suggest a large baby. My next appt was set for April 6th! That's right I'm now in the biweekly appts zone!

Afterwards I hung out in the lobby till it was time to get my blood drawn. The sugar must have really hit GV then because he got so hyper! Finally 4:20 rolled around, I got 3 vials of blood drawn and then left. They're also checking my thyroid one last time and Rh something or other. The lab tech said that the results should be in today or tomorrow. While I'm worried about GD, I'm hoping that I've done a good job with my diet so far that I don't have it. Both types of diabetes run in my family and I know that if you get GD you're at a higher risk for getting Type II later in life.

I told Kevin about how I was measuring large and he immediately hypothesized that GV was hiding "Pyramid View" and that's why I was larger. Ummm, no! No twins for us. I think we'll have our hands full with just one. Next he theorized that GV is taking after him, tall and skinny. I like that theory better.


Anonymous said...

ultrasound are REALLY loud from the inside. It's bouncing sound waves off your baby to get an image of him on the screen, so that's why all babies kick or startle during u/s and doppler checks! I'm so excited for you!