Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday from TBWE

Today's activity was climbing. Kev regularly goes climbing (he's getting back into it now since he had to take a break due to the biking accident) and occasionaly I'll tag along. I agreed to go last week before I realized that this week was TBWE.

I kept waiting for that guy to get out of my shot, but of course he wouldn't so I had to take the picture anyways. It turns out he was "climbing down" as well. So he took forever to come down instead of just being lowered down by the belayer. Arg!

This photo is of the 50 foot wall at Pea.k Exper.iences. It was the first time I attempted it and I got all the way to the top. Also kind of hard to see is that the wall is actually slightly overhanging so it makes it even harder. I love slabs, why can't they all be slabs?


Andrea said...

Neat picture! Did you climb it?

kMo said...

I did! It was great.