Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holy Tender Boops, Batman!

Seriously, they are hurting! I don't ever think they've been this sensitive before. It all started Tuesday afternoon. I noticed that the girls were responding to accidental bumps (I'm a D cup so accidental bumps happen all the time!). I thought maybe it was because of my soccer game on Monday and how much running I did in that game. And then on the way home last night from BSC I started cramping up and seriously was concerned that AF was coming. Which is totally awkward because I didn't even know that I ovulated! And then this morning my temp went way up to 98° which is weird. I'm not sure what the heck is going on but whatever, I'll take what I can get.
Last night Les and Dave got promoted to Level 6! They'll now be doing agility outdoors! They're still not 100% consistent but they get better all the time. I'm kinda afraid what's going to happen in September (they're spending the month with my parents down in Florida) but hopefully they won't slide backwards too much.


Anonymous said...

I get sore "boops" :) around ovulation, too and I've given up hope of it being a sign of PG, but I've heard that for other women it's a telltale first symptom. Everyone is different :) But what I've heard is that it's caused by your progesterone spiking higher relative to your estrogen level, which happens with ovulation and with pregnancy. Fingers crossed! :)

Hillary said...

Hmm...isn't it crazy how different each cycle can be?! I'm hoping this means a BFP for you, but also know that some cycles can just be weird. Hang in there! :)