Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Making Myself Crazy...

So I totally know I shouldn't do this but I have. I've planned out on my calendar where all the dates fall:
CD1: 4/7/09
HMG: 4/12 to 4/16
CD16: 4/22*
14DP0: 5/6
Chicken's Shower: 5/10
*Usually I ovulate around CD 18-20 when I have an HCG trigger, but I'm thinking it might be earlier since I'm on injectibles this cycle.
This is the last cycle I have before Chicken's baby shower. I know I shouldn't be fixed on this date but I am for some reason. Even if I don't ovulate till CD20 (4/26) that puts me 14DPO on 5/10. Whatever date it is, I'll need to decide if I want to POAS before her shower. Do I want to know that I'm not pregnant at her shower or do I still want some "glimmer of hope" during that weekend? Yes, I know that this might not even be an issue cause we won't know what the HMG is doing until Friday, but I can't help myself.


Amanda said...

Seems like your body will probably let you know before the shower if you O relatively on time. I don't like to think about POASing too much until after ovulation. One thing at a time kinda approach.

A said...

I have been reading for a while, but just started my blog so I'm just getting into commenting. Me personally, I would like to have a glimmer of hope during the shower! But I never POAS till I'm late anyway, and since I am pretty regular, usually I am never late! :-P

Mary said...

I'm an POAS addict so I would tell myself that I wouldn't test before her shower...and then would anyway.