Thursday, April 9, 2009

Menses Test

I called Dr. G yesterday to let them know that I was on CD1. They made an appointment for me to come in for a Menses Test. My first though was "Don't you think I know what AF looks like?" It ocurred to me later that it was probably an u/s. And I was right. Everything looks good on both ovaries, although he had trouble finding the right one again. My HMG & HCG still haven't come in yet, so they "lent" me some that I can replenish when my stuff comes in. Of course the HMG has to be given in the behind by Kevin with the big a$$ needle (1 1/2 inches!). I'm suppose to start Sunday and continue till Thursday and then go back in for an u/s on Friday.
I had to remind Dr. G again that he agreed to do an HSG this cycle. I had to remind them yesterday too. Considering that I had to convince them to do it, I'm getting annoyed that they keep forgetting about it. Of course, I know that I have to remember that while I might know my case and history by heart, I can't expect them to know my case the same way. Anyways it's on Monday. I very clearly asked them if I needed to take anything beforehand and they said no! J. said "It will be over in 15 minutes, you should be find afterwards." ooooookay.


Amanda said...

Take 4 Advil!!! Do not get that hsg done w/o at least 4 advil in you. Trust me. My clinic tells everyone to take 4 advil.

I just got my HCG from my DH tonight... that was fun! Real marital bonding experience here.

Hopeful said...

Definitely take 4 ibuprophen an hour before hand.
I went in thinking it was going to be absolutely terrible and it really wasn't that bad. It hurts for a few seconds and then the bad part is over.

Good luck!

Becky said...

Yikes, HSG are the worse! My right ovary is the one that produced the egg that got me pregnant, and the one that developed the huge cyst too, so they can always find my right one, but the left likes to hide!!