Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Post!

And one that isn't a weekly update. I've sort of fallen off the wagon when it comes to posting lately. Part of that is due to setting up a new blog. This one is for friends and family. It isn't nearly as interesting as this one (or will be once I start posting again).
So when I read blogs that are on my blog list, often I'll look at other's blog lists and click through to a few of them. I've found some interesting ones and have been tempted to leave comments. However I don't know if I should. As a pregnant IFer, is it cool for me to comment on someone still going through it? It's one thing if I've always commented on their blog, but another if it's my first comment. I feel like I should just stay a lurker. I'm not sure why though.
So I think I might have felt quickening. It felt like when your tummy rumbles but instead of being a series of pops, it's just one, maybe two pops. With no noise. And I'm not necessarily hungry. I felt some two nights ago when I first got into bed. Some more last night as I got into bed and then some today at work. They are in the area of where my stomach growling usually comes from, I thought it would be much lower. Of course I might be imagining it all as I'm very anxious to feel GV move.
Last night I was putting away all the Christmas decorations (which I didn't finish, bad me!) and realized that I can't bend forward if my legs are in front of me. When my belly tries to go into my legs, it can't and I feel all sorts of uncomfortable. I still don't think I'm showing yet though. The only time I can feel a bump is when I'm lying on my back (only for short whiles!) and the area below my belly button doesn't sink down. It still sticks out like I'm standing. So I have a nice rounded bump. But that's the only time you can really tell.
I have been feeling my uterus more. It's sore a lot. Especially after I've been standing or walking around. It started a few weeks ago while we were in Florida. But it's okay because since it started that's when my lying down bump showed up. I'll take it.


A said...

I want to see pictures of the bump ;-) I like your new bloglist organization- I have a similar one! :) You are going to let us know your new blog, right?

I would say it's alright for you to comment on someone's blog- especially if you have "been there", etc in whatever situation theyre in. :) But that's just me! I know you'd be compassionate, so it's not like you'd be like, "Na-na-na-na-na-na, I'm pregnant now!"