Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Day +1

Hope everyone had a great New Year's! We didn't do much of anything. Kevin doesn't really like going out(side) for NYE and we didn't get invited to any parties this year :(. But seeing as I only lasted until 11:15pm it was probably a good thing. Kevin made it all the way to midnight and woke me up to let me know but then I fell straight back asleep.
We did some shopping yesterday and I bought maternity jeans! Can you believe it?! Now I own three pairs! Anyways I tried them on at the store and I was kind of surprised how low the belly band came down. I don't think I'll be able to wear my regular shirts/blouses with them. I saw some cute stuff on sale but pessimistic me didn't want to commit to anything other than the jeans until after Monday's appt. I find right before my appts my doubts and fears get even stronger. Especially since I still have no outward signs that I'm still pregnant. Even the hunger has subsided for the most part even though all the books say it should be growing.
Today I had our first indoor soccer game. We lost 6-3 but I had three different girls scoring so that was nice. Also the girls I had in goal aren't usually goalkeepers, but they both played really well. So did the whole team actually. Next week's game is at 7:00 AM! Yikes!