Thursday, January 15, 2009

4 days past...

I'm feeling better today, a bit more upbeat. Les is still doing a great job at being a blanket weight. Although last night I *made* sure I had enough blanket before I fell asleep. I'm keeping up my annoying habit of waking up some time during the 5 o'clock hour. It's beyond annoying actually cause I quite like my sleep.
I've been trying so hard not to plan this cycle. You know what it's like, thinking "If I get pregnant then it will be due on this day; we'll tell my parents on this day like this; we'll send out these cute cards." It's not that I'm not hoping those things will happen, but I'm trying to be more "in the now" kind of person. Live and enjoy what's going on now and stop focusing on how life will be if or when I get pregnant and have a kid.
At work we've been working on building a fa.cebook app. Can I just tell you that the instructions are a bit more complicated than they need to be? They're also out of date since the new interface. But I think we'll have something working soon. Hopefully. Well better get back to it.


Becky said...

I had this same theory the month before i got pregnant and i said 'i'm not going to think about if i get pregnant i'll be due on this day' and 'i'll tell my family on this day'. My husband and i even made plans to go see his sister in CA at the end of June, not even thinking if i got pregnant soon i would be able to fly then. So wheni did get pregnant i had to cancel those plans, go figure!!!

Amanda said...

You sound much better today. I stalked your chart, that's a good looking temp you got again. Things are shaping up so far.

I understand the 5am thing. I had an annoying habit of waking up in the 3am hour so that's why I started taking my temp at that time. I found if I waited till normal wake up time, it was way too high. Weird, but whatever, I guess that's just me. I'm enjoying plenty of bbt free night lately on the pill.

Like the living in the now idea, very good way to keep if emotions in check.