Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Hassle of Getting to Work

This morning on the news they warned about "black ice" on the roads. These are apparently puddles of water on the road that freeze over especially on bridges and overpasses that can send your car careening down the road. So I've had to slow down my usual commuting speed. Then when I finally get to work - only 2 or 3 minutes late, there is like NO ONE in the parking lot. There were about 3-4 cars parked right in front of the building but no others. So I start freaking out that maybe something happened in the building and they called to say not to come into work, but since I didn't check my phone before I left the house, I just came all the way down for nothing. No messages on the phone. So I just grabbed my stuff and went in. Everything was dark - like it is when I show up 10-15 minutes early - but there were production people around. Then about 5 minutes after I got to my cubicle everyone else in the office showed up. Apparently the whole office was running late today.
On my way in I noticed two utility trucks pulled over right before my turn into our building. Today I had to go out to St.aples to pick some stuff up. I pass by the utility trucks and they've put a huge hole in the road. I pick up what I need and I'm almost back, turning the last corner to our road and there's a motorist assistance guy standing there forcing everyone to turn around. I look down the road and there's a bunch of flashing lights where those utility trucks are. I explain to the guy that I work down this road and he just says nope. I ask if I can come up the back way and he says he doesn't know. So I had to take a long detour around the freeway and come in from the other side. I get about three buildings down from mine and they've coned off the road. Two police standing there, refusing to let anyone pass. I drive around for a bit and then stop at the closest parking lot to the office and have to walk in the rest of the way. Apparently a couple of people called into work by then to say they couldn't get in so everyone was panicking because it was near lunch time and they didn't know how they were going to get out. Luckily since I had to park outside the barricade, Cupcake (my co-worker) and I were able to go out. We had to go the long way around since all the food places are back on that first road. When we got back after lunch, they let us get as close as the entrance to the office complex on the other side of the road, so we were able to park across the street.
I've put up a map so you can see how silly this whole thing was. (A) is where I was trying to get. The green arrow was where the Utility Trucks (and people) were. The blue route is the way I normally come and the red route is the detour.

Yes, I am a bit bored at work today.


Beth said...

I would have just called in & said I was going home. But that's just me. :)

Anonymous said...

Yikes, you were bored at work! :) I cracked up at the idea of your co-workers panicking about not being able to go out for funny. I remember those days when I worked in business and had an hour for lunch and the only thing that got me through the tedium of the morning was plotting what I'd get for lunch. I hope your traffic drama ends as quickly as it began.