Sunday, January 4, 2009

First part done

Remember back in October when the Deladubrees came to visit and I decided that I couldn't deal with one more person walking into my house and seeing my ugly bedroom walls. I had such high hopes for getting the room completely finished and since then, nothing. Well today I finished painting the walls in my bedroom. So now all four are a lovely shade of buttercream yellow. I have no idea if that's an actual shade of yellow available at Lowe's but that's what I'm calling it. The next job for the walls is doing the feature wall. That's going to be a battle. Kevin doesn't really like wallpaper, but I think 4 walls of the same thing is just boring. I've just got to convince him that I haven't gone wrong in the house yet (to his amazement) so to just trust me on this one.

I think I've chosen a hamper.
It's a bit pricey, but I've been looking for 3 years and I haven't been able to find anything else that fits what I want. My criteria is: I want it to not look like a hamper, I want it to tilt out, 3-4 comparments, be modern/traditional and white. The rest of my bedroom furniture is white. I think I might just have to bite the bullet on this one and go ahead and get it. Besides, I'm helping the economy!

I also found this bench. I like the ulpholstered seat as well as the combination of drawers and baskets. I do want it darker but I'm not crazy about the side panels. They're kind of mission style which I'm not a big fan of. We'll see.


Amanda said...

Yeah, someone else that doesn't like mission! Decorating would be so much easier and cheaper if I would just embrace mission since every furniture maker in the world makes a line, practically. Oh well, I don't think your bench is too mission-y. Is the bench available in white to match your other furniture? It looks like a god piece either way.

I really like the laundry hamper!

Good luck with the wall paper (assuming you can convince the Mr.), that stuff can be challenging I hear.

Amanda said...

good piece, not god piece. I crack myself up sometimes.

Anonymous said...

wow, that is some hamper! I admire your ability to choose furniture; I'm always just overwhelmed by the choices and can't make up my mind. Most of our furniture is still hand-me-downs and college furniture! :) I have to second the suggestion to think twice, three, four times before putting up wallpaper. Having removed wallpaper from every wall in this house, several layers from bathrooms and kitchen, I thoroughly detest wallpaper and by extention borders and decals. They are Eeeeevil. :)