Saturday, January 17, 2009

Out and About

Kevin and I actually left the house today! And not just to go on a walk, although we did do that too. The day started when we heard a little woodpecker pecking away on the other side of our bedroom wall. We've had problems before with woodpeckers making holes in our siding, but he's been MIA for a while now and so we thought he'd gone. Well now he's back. Cheeky little bugger.
We have a creek that runs along the back of the houses opposite us. It's pretty little but it grows and empties out into a lake in a park. You can't actually walk down the stream to the park as it's fenced off, but the entrance to the park is just a short drive away. It's also been closed for a while now, but this morning when Kevin drove by it on his way to get a haircut, he saw that it was opened. He came home wanting to go down and walk around the lake. He's tried before, but Dave refuses to go all the way around. To the point that someone at the park asked him if she was "part mule." How rude!
After the park, we actually went on a bit of a shopping spree. And surprisingly Kevin remained in an okay mood the whole time. We went to Michael's to pick up a baby afghan guide book. I made a baby blanket for Tommy K (Wiki's godson) and I want to make one for Chicklet (Chicken's kid) too. I'm trying to decide between two, but I might end up doing one for the shower and one for the birth/baptism.
Then we went a few stores down to Circuit City. It was packed! Some items were on sale, mostly 10% off with a few 30% off. Nothing good though. We looked for external hard drives, scanners, headphones and a few other stuff but there wasn't anything that seemed like a good deal. Can I just say there weren't any scanners! They all seem to be bundled together with printers or faxes. I don't need those things, just a scanner. However some of the printers were wifi which would be nice since we have several computers and only one printer with a single cable. That might be an option once they actually go on sale.
Next we went to Best Buy to return some items and then to Target for bird feeders and puzzles. The ones we got are so nice. We got two so that we can hang them on the porch. I'll take pictures once we actually get them up. We ended up getting three puzzles because we couldn't pick just one. Afterwards, Kevin said we had to be the most boring married couple ever.
And then the bank. I finally closed all my pre-marriage bank accounts so we went to deposit the money in our joint account.
Our last stop was suppose to be fye to exchange the Death Cab for Cutie CD that my parents got him for Christmas. Even though we did a gift blog this year and I specifically said to comment out the things you bought for people and my parents commented that they got him that CD, Mum and Dad got him the CD too. So he exchanged it for a Wilco cd.
After that though, Kevin was willing to go to Joanne's (he loathes that store). I think the reason that he was really good the whole time was because before we left he knew where we were going and why. The only surprise I gave him was Joanne's and he handled it okay. He doesn't like browsing and when we have to do shopping like that for clothes or something he usually moans and complains that he has a headache and is tired after about five minutes. It's so annoying.
But today was good and we got a lot of stuff done.


Beth said...

Did he get the new Wilco CD? We really like it.