Monday, January 26, 2009

Cycle the Fifth

CD3. That's where I'm currently at. Sometimes I hate being right. Chicken called me on Sunday to check in and I think she was more disappointed than I was. Although I was prepared for it, the last she had heard about round 4 was that ovulation had been confirmed.
Kevin and I talked about what we should do for this next cycle. We've decided that I'm not going back to Dr. T. My journey with him is over. We are still going to chart and OPK, but we're both concerned that any drugs I take will affect the bloodwork that Dr. G is surely going to want to do. I'll be on CD25 when I go to see him, so if I haven't ovulated by then, I'll be able to start provera and if I have ovulated then I'll only be about 5 days away from a new cycle.
My second IF support group meeting went well. One of the girls that was there in December is now pregnant so Yay! for her. This meeting there were only three other women. They're the ones that started the group. It's a bit weird because they've been meeting for about a year so when they're giving updates they keep having to fill me in with back stories about their experiences/lives. But they've been super nice and welcoming so it's easy to feel very comfortable with each of them. Cool thing about our next meeting is that they've decided not to have it till the end of February so that I'll have any test results from my appointment with Dr. G.
Eek! I only have one week left to get anything done for my January project. I started out so hopeful and I got started right away. But it's fallen by the wayside since those first few days and now there's no way it's going to be all done by the end of January. Does having everything ordered count?


Amanda said...

Sorry you're on to another round. Hey, maybe you'll be one of those lucky couples that gets pregnant on a break cycle. You always hear those ironic stories from people, so why shouldn't you be one of them?

Those pictures of Les cracked me up!

Andrea said...

I'm so sorry! *HUG*

Beautiful Mess said...

Your support group sounds wonderful. I'm glad you have that.

Valerie said...

It sounds like you have a great support group.