Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So I ended up taking an unexpected vacation from bbtemping this trip. I was sitting in Terminal 5 and looking at Kevin and I suddenly realized that for the first time in since I started temping about 70 days ago, I was actually going to miss a day. First I didn't sleep a wink on the flight over and then because I didn't have my thermometer with me (it was in our checked bags). But I figured that one day wouldn't be so bad. Well then with the bags being lost I ended up missing Saturday and Sunday mornings. Yesterday morning I just couldn't be bothered taking it (I did wake up when I was suppose to). So this morning is the first time I've taken it since Thursday morning. I finished the provera Sunday evening and so this morning I wasn't sure what to expect. 97.45° is a bit higher than normal but low enough that FF took away my supposed ovulation on CD28. Now we're waiting for real for Cycle 4 to begin.

Okay, off to the pub for some drinks with the lads! :)