Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today is CD27. On this day last cycle I was ovulating. I was really hoping that on CD27 of this cycle I would be in my two week wait. Is that totally weird? That I was wanting to be in my 2WW? Anyways, yesterday I called my RE and spoke to the nurse. I explained that I was 10 DP my HCG trigger shot and no O yet. She wasn't very helpful. She told me to wait till Saturday, POAS and then call them with the results. Umm, did you hear me? I haven't ovulated yet! But whatever. I'm considering waiting till Monday. Cause really, I can't actually do anything about the results on a Saturday. Sunday is my b-day so I've decided I DON'T want to know that I failed to ovulate/get KU on that day. Also based on the past two cycles, AF should arrive on Sunday (great!) and I can save the pg test for when it actually might count.


Amanda said...

Have you found any kinda of stat on the number of people that take a trigger and fail to ovulate? Do you have any idea what size your follicle(s) was when you took the trigger? It sounds like the clinic wasn't really expecting it to work from your earlier post. That's crappy.

Sorry your nurse wasn't any help. Not ovulating really sucks. When you don't O, there is nothing weird about wanting to be in the 2WW. I completely understand where you are coming from on that.

Sometimes I think it might be less disappointing to have an anovulatory cycle than regular failed cycle... however, at least you get to dream for a little while when you ovulate. I would like the privilege of dreaming of what might be.

Andrea said...

That's terrible! The latest I ever ovulated was CD 24. I didn't think I was going to at all that cycle because I hadn't the previous cycle due to my m/c.

It must be so frustrating for you! Especially since the nurse wasn't helpful. I think I would just wait until Monday too.

Are you temping every day? It's weird that the nurse seemed to think you might be KU even without ovulating. She must not know that you are temping or keeping track.

If you are using FF you should post a link to your chart. I'm a chart stalker. And the last lady's chart that I kept up with got pregnant after about 3 cycles. I might just be good luck ;-)