Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So today I've been in a bit of a foul mood. On most normal days I'm a happy-go-lucky kind of gal. I'm usually even-tempered and pretty upbeat. But there's just something about about being here that always gets me down. Maybe it's that the sun doesn't come up till 8 am or sets at 4:30 pm. It could be the poor pitiful excuse for a shower head in my IL's only bathroom. Or the fact that when you're taking said shower and someone somewhere in the house turns on the water, you're suddenly having an ice cold shower. Could it be the tension in this family? The tension between SIL and Kevin? Or the tension between Mum and her sister? Or the fact that we're stuck in the house and pretty much at the mercy of rides being given? And that it's always such a big hassle to get a ride, trying to schedule it between making dinner, going to get gas or run their own errands. Because of the way english insurance works neither Kevin nor I can drive anywhere in his parents cars. And there's been doozies on this trip as well. The lost/delayed luggage. The special outfits I bought to wear that were sitting in my suitcase at the depot. The damaged bags when they finally arrived. Mum not being as excited about her gift as I was. Added to this trip, could it be the recent failure of cycle 3 or the fact that clomid & the hcg trigger shot didn't work at all? As you see a bit of a mopey camper this week. I swear next week I'll be much better.

Update: So turns out today is the the first day of Cycle 4. Yes I'm sure you're probably writing off my funky mood to this, but I don't usually PMS. Ever. It's just this place.