Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Crimbo!

Hope you and your families are having a fantastic Christmas with lots of pressies and plenty of good cheer! Every time I visit I tend to pick up a new piece of slang and this year it's "Happy Crimbo!" Kevin's family is located near Liverpool (yes Kev's been accused of sounding like one of the Beatles) and did you know that Liverpudlians have their own accent and dialect? Five points if you can guess the name of it.


Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't guess it but Google told me what it is. I won't ruin it for the next person by typing it out here :) Funny, I'll have to share "Happy Crimbo" around the dinner table in a few minutes :)

Beth said...

Sorry your trip is a bummer, KMo. You & Kev should hop on a red eye & come join us tomorrow. Your sister will be here & the Fajitas. Maybe you could pick up Chandy in NY while you're at it. Oh & Jamanda in Baltimore! I miss the gang & we miss you!

Hope your day got better & Happy Crimbo! Love you!

mlr said...

Merry Christmas!!


WiseGuy said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas...and have a very happy 2009 ahead!


Trish said...

I have no idea being an Aussie and all.

Bring on the New year celebrations and hope all your dreams come true in 2009

Here from ICLW...No. 88
My Little Drummer Boys

Stacey said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I am glad to hear that you are having a good time and enjoying your husband's family and language! I think it is so neat at all of the different dialects that people have.

You know, I have been accused of sounding real southern when I talk and asked many times what part of the south in the U.S. I am from. So, I can relate to your husband sounding like one of the Beatles.

NO, I don't know the answer to their accent and dialect. Maybe you can tell us the next time you blog. I always like learning new things. :)

Lots of smiles and laughter,
Stacey :)

Hillary said...

Merry Christmas! I hope the rest of your visit is better than the beginning (especially now that that pesky PMS-ing is over, although I'm sorry about AF's arrival...)

Amanda said...

Hey, finally catching up. Well you and me can sit in the clomid and hcg trigger didn't do squat camp together and kvetch about this crap. Glad you're rolling on a new cycle, better luck in 2009!

I took a break from temping too. I figured it would be too hard with traveling and I wasn't expecting anything to happen anyhow.

Are you doing clomid again this cycle? Good luck, safe return home.

~Jess said...

I hope that you had a Happy Christmas! My mom's friend was from Liverpool, but I have no idea what her dialect is called.

Enjoy yourself!


Amanda said...

Alright, I took you up on your Liverpool challenge. Professor Google says: Scouse.

How many more point do I need to get pregnant now?