Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Looking at my options

This morning at about 8:45 am I called Nurse K again. I also looked at my health insurance's website to see if there are any other REs in my area that are in my plan. There are 4 others. One is Dr. T's partner and although I've heard good things about him, he's the one who gave me the HCG shot even though he told me he didn't like what he saw in the u/s. So really there are only three. At this point I've decided that if I don't get a call back today I'm going to go with another RE. I've never had that good gut instinct about this guy and something about him just doesn't mesh. I've been reading more and more about women who just click with their REs. They really feel like their RE is in their corner and fighting for them. I kinda want that.

Update: At 10:45 am I finally got a call from Nurse K. She called to say that she'd put my file on Dr. T's desk and that as soon as he decided what I should do next, he or she would call me back. Hello! I called yesterday and you just put my file on his desk? Seriously? So now I'm waiting for another call. I'm still keeping my deadline of hearing back from them by EOD. This call here doesn't count.


Andrea said...

It's really important to like your doctor! I always have problems finding doctors I like. As a matter of fact, now I'm OB/GYN-less. I just didn't like the one I went to back in April and May for a preconception exam and my m/c confirmation. It sounds like the doctor you're going to right now is so swamped that he and his staff don't have time to properly see about your case. Good luck finding another one!

I'm glad you gave me your chart. I like keeping up with my friends' charts and lately it's seemed like I'm the only one who keeps up with charting.

Becky said...

I just found your blog today and read some of your older posts and i can realate to some of what you've been through, but i can't read the ultrasounds to save my life!!! LOL!!
Anyways i only took clomid 50 and it kicked my ass with the hot flashes. It worked for me, i hope it workds for you!! Good luck and keep up the good posting. And oh yah, Isn't Karey awesome!!! I just love her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it sounds like finding a new RE might be a good thing for you. Good luck with that! But, I hope you got the call you were waiting for. :)