Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guess where I'm at?!?

I'm sitting in the waiting room of Dr. T's office. Long winded story of how I got here but it starts with a phone call (eventually)...

So I didn't get any call from Dr. T or his nurse yesterday. After thinking about what I should do, talking to Kev, and processing all your comments (thanks everyone!) I decided to go ahead and call Dr. P and ask them to take care of me till I could see Dr. G. So this morning I called Dr. P's nurse, left a message and asked them to call me back. Then I got down to the business of working.

Finally around 11 am I couldn't stand it anymore and called Dr. T's office again. I just had to know why they were treating me like this. The front desk lady actually answered and I explained my situation to her. She then put me on hold and a couple of minutes later Dr. T came on the phone. I told him everything that had happened (IF wise, I didn't feel like getting into the whole calls-not-being-returned at that point) and he asked me a some questions. After shuffling some papers for a few minutes he finally decided that I should come in so that he could do an u/s and see what was going on.

As soon as I hung up with Dr. T, I had a message from Nurse B at Dr. P's office. When I called back I learned that Dr. P isn't in today but I explained what was going on and Nurse B said she's going to talk to her tomorrow and then give me a call back. After today's appt with Dr. T, I'll figure out what to do about Dr. P.


Andrea said...

I hope the appointment went well!

Anonymous said...

Whew, my brain hurt trying to follow all of that :) I hate those days of making and receiving calls all day...for some reason, isn't it exhausting? Hope the appt. was productive!