Sunday, December 14, 2008


So I've been making a few enhancements to the blog this past week. First, I added the followers widget. Just having people follow me makes me feel so liked :). Next I tried to do a condensed version of Kevin's and my story. I really like reading these things on others blog, but for some reason, waited till now to do it myself. It came out a little long so I made it a post and then tried to do an even more condensed version. Also, I added a link for those people who are wanting to read just my TTC/Adoption posts. And last, I added a ticker that countsdown till we see the new RE! 2 months 3 days!

On the TTC front, I started Provera on Friday. My bbt shot way up this weekend. And because of that, FF thinks I ovulated last Thursday. I'm pretty sure the rise in bbt is due to Provera and not because I actually ovulated, but I can't find any charts that support my hypothesis. I guess I'll find out after I stop taking Provera.


Becky said...

I like the ticker and the TTC Journey. I really like to see these on blogs too, and i usually read them first, just to get a sense of what's going on, so good job!!

Andrea said...

I noticed your temp went way up! I also like your new blog additions. I may have already mentioned this in the post you wrote about adoption, but I would love to adopt someday too. It's been something I've wanted to do since I was 10 years old. I can remember the exact moment I decided I wanted to adopt and it's something I've felt strongly about ever since.

Amanda said...

Wanted to let you know that my temps go up on prometrium so that it looks like I'm in a genuine LP, so it probably works the same with provera.

By the way, I liked your video. You do flyball! I've seen that on TV and it looks crazy. I bet the dogs love it.

Anonymous said...

Your hypothosis would be correct. Temps do go up with Provera, Prometrium, and the like.

I love your additions to the blog!

Beth said...

KMo~ So glad I found this. I had no idea what you were going through or that you even wanted kids. You'll be a great mom. I will keep you & Kevin in my prayers. Can I link to you on my Blogroll or are you trying to keep this on the DL?