Monday, February 16, 2009

2 for 2 in 2009!

Well FF confirmed that I did indeed ovulate on Friday! Yes! I worked w/o drugs! I'm so excited about this. So now I'm back in the 2WW. Although since my last LP was only 12 days, I guess I'm in a 12DW. My temp dipped today again this cycle. It always throws me off when that happens. But FF still says I ovulated so I'm going to go with that.
More exciting news! Jess over at Life in the White House got a positive beta! This is so awesome. I've not been reading her blog for long but in the short time I have read it, her strength has amazed me. I'm so excited for her. Her next beta is Wednesday so here's to it being an even better number!
The new RE appt is tomorrow! Yikes! I'm looking forward to it mainly though because this time Kevin will be there with me. Also I just *know* this time is going to be different, better. It just has to be. It can't be any worse than Dr. T's office!
Tonight I made a lasagna for the Family Meals Ministry at church. We kept having moms tell us "Thanks, but no thanks," it was crazy. The lasagna doesn't really fit in the disposable pan I bought for it so on my way home from work tomorrow I think I might look for a bigger pan and then figure out a way to transfer it without ruining it. Also I was going to make lava cakes for dessert but now I'm thinking I'm just going to get them some ice cream instead. Easier I think for a mom of 18 month old twins and a 6 month old.


Beth said...

Good luck at the new RE!

~Jess said...

Aww thanks :-)

Good luck with the new RE and CONGRATS on being 2 for 2 this year...that's great news!

Andrea said...

Yay for ovulating! Let us know how the RE appt goes tomorrow. I have a good feeling about this cycle too! :-) Girl, you are making me hungry. Now I want lasagna. Yum!