Friday, February 13, 2009

Positive Signs

Last night the climbing place that Kevin (and sometimes I) go to had their Valentine's Day party. Also B's (Kevin's usual climbing partner) girlfriend, D, from Phoenix was in town for a long weekend so she came with us. B & D were very cute together.  They're both in their mid to late 40s so they talked about their respective daughters who just had a kid or is pregnant. We ended up staying later than we usually do, even closing out the place at 10:30. On the way home, I made Kevin stop by the Walgreens so that I could pick up a new BBT thermometer.
A funny thing happened when I got home. I had spotting! And not the on-your-underwears kind, just the kind on the TP. It wasn't a lot, really just a few flecks but it was bright red. Of course I went straight to google to figure out what it was and I think it might be ovulation spotting! Yay! But then this morning, my temp was in the normal range for me. On the high side, but still normal. So I'm thinking it's going to be today some time. Yay!


Amanda said...

I was chart stalking you this weekend and thought like FF that it was the other day already. If you are using a new BBT, maybe there is a slight difference due to that? And don't forget, it's not uncommon to have a fallback temp in your lp.

Do make sure to take your temp in the same part of your mouth every time? I have have a spot that I always use (it feels like I'm stabbing myself under the left side of my tongue) and I have found that if I take a second temp in another spot it may be a 0.1 of a degree lower.

Amanda said...

Ok, I'm so confused, your post says Fri the 13th, but it just appeared Monday the 16th.

The Wife said...

A lot of times I'm lazy at home and so I write the post, but I don't go on the internet till I get to work. Shh! So it posted today, but it was from last Friday.

Amanda said...

Well, my comment stands, but it makes more sense in the context of Monday.

Don't worry I won't tell.