Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being Boring

I know I haven't blogged in a while, but that's because really nothing is going on here. Today is CD18 and no +OPKs yet. Temps have fluctuated a little but nothing to indicate ovulation. Only 7 more days till my new RE appt. They called me today to request my records from the other RE & my OB/GYN. They also asked me if I've ever had a HSG. Ick.
At work they're talking about a possible furlough in the near future. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Financially, Kevin and I would be okay as we live well within our means, but it still would be a little bit scary.
Lately I've been a little intrigued about embryo adoption. The Catholic church hasn't come out and said not to do it, but they haven't said it's okay. IVF is not an option for us because of my beliefs, however the new RE is suppose to be really IVF focused (according to the brochure) so I'm hoping that he'll be okay with trying to find out what's wrong with me without pushing us towards IVF.
So like I said, nothing too exciting, but I'll try to not wait so long to post next time.


~Jess said...

Good luck with the new RE and the prospective HSG. It really wasnt' that bad...as long as you takes some ibuprofen before hand.

Hopefully you'll have some answers soon, and you won't even have to consider IVF.

Anonymous said...

I hope the furlough threat bypasses you since that's the last thing you need during an IF/Adoption phase of your life. About the embryo adoption: we were interested in that, too, but found it impossible to figure out how to actually make it happen because when we were starting our adoption process it was still such a new concept that agencies and such weren't set up to do it yet. I hope that's changed and it works for you, but back when we were trying it we were told that the easiest way to go about it is to find someone who has frozen embryos and do a private adoption (where you match yourself, the agency isn't involved in the match). If you have a good friend of family member with extra frozen embryos it might be straightforward and inexpensive. Good luck!

Andrea said...

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your appointment. I hope it goes well and that your doctor will respect your beliefs and not try to talk you into anything you don't want. I'm mostly hoping that this cycle will be THE ONE for you and that everything will happen naturally :-)

Amanda said...

I've been chart stalking you and hoping that I'd see a jump in your temp too. Stupid long cycles.

I wouldn't be looking forward to the HSG either, but you get some really important info out of that test and hopefully you'll get good results and not have to worry about that being an additional problem. you know mine got canceled, but I kinda wish that I had that piece of mind that the tubes were clear.

I hope the furlough gets passed by, but it's good that you're prepared for it if it does happen. I'll be keeping you guys in my thoughts.