Thursday, February 26, 2009

8DPO and visits

Today is 8DPO and I have to say I'm not feeling too excited. I'm mentally preparing myself for AF because I'm just that sure that this cycle wasn't the one. It's always weird but I spend the first week of the 2WW optimistic and hopeful that it worked. And then when the 2nd week starts and I see my temps going down (albeit slightly) it's like someone let all the air out of the balloon. It sucks! So now I guess I wait. 12DPO is next Tuesday. We'll see how I feel then.
My sister, Wiki is coming to visit! I'm sooooo excited! I haven't seen her since my wedding! She lives in Colorado so it makes it hard, but we talk on the phone every day, sometimes even twice a day. I remember when Kevin and I first moved away, he was astounded by how much my sister and I talked and that we called each other multiple times during the day. It took him a while to get over it, although now I will retreat into another room to talk when she calls. I love listening in to people talking on the phone and in my head guessing what the other person is saying. I guess I just figured Kevin liked doing that too. Not!
Two weeks ago, Wiki lost her job. She was a corporate trainer for a national company and they had a "reduction of workforce" and my sister was one of the affected. It sucks! She was just getting her head above the water and now she might sink back under. She had a series of moves that caused her not to have a steady income for a really long time (14 months!) and that ate up her savings and put her into debt. Hopefully she'll be able to find a new job soon, one just as awesome as the one she had before (she really liked her job).
One good thing that came out of the awful mess is that she's coming into town! I had a $200 credit at Jet.Blue so I decided to fly her out here. Luckily she had a break in her soccer schedule (yes, she's a coach too!) so everything worked out. She's going to be here for 3 work days so I need to figure out what I'm going to do with work/her.
Speaking of visits, one of my cousins, RR, is coming to DC this weekend. RR is 2y5mos younger than me but growing up we were always really close. She was the good one and of course I was the troublemaker. But we got along because most times she would just do/play what I wanted. Yes, I was a brat when I was younger. Anyways, a couple of years before we moved to Florida, her family moved away (still in Texas, just 14 hours away!) so we only got to spend summers together when her family would visit our grandfather. We stayed close throughout high school but then college life started and I was distracted and then she went away to college and we never really got that bond back. We both lived in Ohio at the same time but on opposite ends so we didn't really connect then either. When we see each other we're still good, but it's sad to say that I don't think of her often, usually only when I see a status updated on faceb.ook. In fact, that's the only reason why I knew she was coming into town. Because she said something in her status and so I wrote on her wall. I'm not even that confident that we are going to be able to connect. I guess we'll just have to see.


Beth said...

Give Wiki a big hug from me! I need to give her a call...